Peace NOW for a Changing World...


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"Peace NOW for a changing world."

The TIME is NOW to join together to move into Global Oneness. 

"Global Oneness" described as Acknowledging and Honoring ALL Beings 

FOR WHO THEY REALLY ARE AND WHAT THEY HAVE TO OFFER in the totality of the Collective Consciousness; 

allowing for complete healing for the world at large.

Shifting of major energies are creating a renewal for all human life to adapt and remember 

our primal True Selves of the higher dimensions of Truth & Love. 

Age of Aquarius is about social connect-ed-ness worldwide, but doing it OUR way.


Let's make it count.

MEET Sherri L Zimmerman

aka Sage (Spirit Name)

I've led a busy life between being a Licensed Barber for 25 years (owning a few shops) as well as enjoying the role as a Nurse's aide for 24 yrs in SWFL area. 

My studies include both Astrology & Tarot, ALL Metaphysical Studies 

that we ALL are "reawakening" to, in OURSTORY... 21st Century. 

Through those years, I experienced "breakdowns" - most of which I have spent in and out of mental crisis centers for 30 years; partly due to a newly discovered birth condition known as the MTHFR gene (effecting up to 40% of the population) and also due to the Condition of Dissociative Identity (C.D.I.).

However, in 2016, a major "Breakthrough" occurred, when Spirit revealed to me, that in retrospect, 

often those so-called "breakdowns" were actual times when I had been demonically attacked on more than one occasion. Though often it actually looked like mental illness, many times it was possessions by dark spirits. The two can look very much alike.  

The show, The Dead Files (Psychic Medium Amy Allan and NY Homicide Detective Steve DiSchiavi) 

seen on the Travel Channel - opened my eyes to the Truth behind many incidents I have experienced. 

IT IS the best education currently on our TV screens today, truly showing how, why and what to do, to change it for yourself and your home....

It was then, that finally ALL made sense. It was the last piece to my puzzle. 

My soul's plan THIS time around, was to help others who suffer with mental challenges 

whether because of a so-called mental illness or attacks from dark entities.


My studies have continued, onto the path of Remembering Reincarnation. 

Allowing for the Remembrance in-between Lifetimes, 

prior to coming into the Earth Plane, is most amazingly familiar...


It has proven to help balance issues again & again, in THIS lifetime...

 that had me confused for the longest time. 

Enjoy!... as you move towards your PEACE.

And as always, 

"Follow the Path so Divine for you, Designed for you."

Sherri Zimmerman/Sage


(coming soon!) 


by Sherri L Zimmerman

Success After Insanity​: Healing Hearts of the Mentally ill

*Currently Being Revised ... 

Available after January 2022... 

Updated Truth brought forward of my life...

Book Reviews

"I do want to let you know that this book is excellent. It is written by someone who has overcome 

so many hardships in life, starting when she was a little girl; and has continued on to lead a very productive life 

and has come out the other side with such great energy and wisdom ."

"She has her own personal experience in this book as well as experiences of others.

It also brings new understanding of questions I've had for years. 

She writes in a way that is very easy to understand and brings home the human cost."

"I believe it gives hope to it's readers who may be struggling with similar issues in life.

A must read for anyone who is emotionally struggling and needs a "go to" for some insight 

and understanding from someone who literally wrote the book on "Success after Insanity"."

Tara Giles

Human Resources Manager


Book Success After Insanity 2000



A story about courage and hope.... 

within these pages you may remember times in your own life perhaps of isolation, suicide, 

domestic violence, loss of a a child, or sexual abuse, alcoholism and mental illness.

The author believes the root of most mental illnesses stems partly from genetics, partly environmental causes, and partly due to attacks and possessions by dark spirits. But mostly by the simple disconnection of the "true self" to the Universal Flow.


After experiencing a horrific event that involved the losing of all my senses, I was once again able to regain my "self"

by the use of daily prayer, learning to allow ----- and letting go of control issues.

Thus by the Grace of God, 

I achieved....

"Success After Insanity"

Sherri Zimmerman

Ong Namo by Snatam Kaur