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My Name is Tara and I would like to express my gratitude and thank my lucky stars for meeting Sage. 

Once in a great while, someone comes along and makes your world a little bit better, and to me Sage is one of those individuals.

She has a special energy and warmth that shines through her personality. I truly believe she has a special gift and she genuinely cares for people. I have had a few of my friends meet her and they all agree that she has a special healing gift and also has great insight.

We are all trying to get through this crazy world in one piece and Sage seems to pick up on what's going on with each person she comes into contact with. I highly recommend Sage for group readings or single readings, and I hope to schedule another one soon!

Andrea Adler,

Author of Pushing Upward and

The Science of Spiritual Marketing

Founder of Holistic PR.

 "My dearest Sage ~ she is gifted with wisdom & intuitiveness. This woman of never-ending loving energy has a strong connection to Spirit world. I know because she has had communications with loved ones of mine in the past that no one has been able to reach & that no one has any knowledge, except me. Her spiritual connection is deeper than anyone I have known. Her ability to flow with pure energy & light has touched my soul. I strongly recommend her to anyone who truly needs a soulful guide. She is who we have been waiting for to assist us on our Divine journey. Her joyful & peaceful nature is highly contagious.

I treasure her deeply."

Your Cosmic Sister Renada

Therapeutic Essential Oil Consultant

Young Living Essential Oils/Member#209630


"Passing along this information for anyone that is interested in channeling from the other side from loved ones passed. Sage is awesome. She did 3 readings for me thus far and were mind-blowing accurate & heart-touching. She is excellent; such intuitiveness & a wonderful Spirit."

Lisa Rapacki

"To recommend Sherri Zimmerman for readings & channeling is my absolute pleasure... Sherri is warm, sincere, kind, compassionate, caring & honest in all of her work. The readings she has given me personally has been more than fulfilling. I have and would recommend her on more than one occasion. And her prices are more than affordable. Her compassion for people is outstanding & will work with anyone who needs a little guidance regardless of any difficulties one has with anything in life."

Rose Souders

My experience with Sage's gifts is that her focus is for her clients' greatest and highest good; dedicated and highly spiritual. Sage is very specific and thorough in her messages. One of the things I really appreciate about her is that she asks to be given as little information as possible, and completely trusts in what the Universe knows and communicates to her.

For example, she spoke to me about moving (she did not know about my plans to move), my businesses, described the specific people in my family, including those in Spirit with their names and songs that are meaningful between us, people I am in business with, and where I am going with them (she did not know my plans for my businesses or even that I was involved in them), legal situation she had no idea I was involved in and the outcome, my loved ones, their challenges and good fortune, my past and current situations, my future, and my many blessings. She was spot on in her reception of the information (my loved ones, their personalities, our relationship to each other, my feelings within certain situations).

Sage's openness, understanding, perspective and ever-present focus during her messages are enlightening and uplifting, always offering hope despite any challenges, and sharing in your joys and blessings as she walks with you throughout your message, creating an unforgettable and joyful synergy-bar none! After receiving her messages, I feel uplifted, lighter, like I am flying on cloud nine, and I leave with a positive perspective and outlook ahead of me. It is a wonderful experience!


Prior career: Attorney

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