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 Celtic Cross Tarot, Oracle & Astrology Readings

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                                                                                         ASTROLOGY  READINGS with Nicole (see listed prices)


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                                                   The following Readers have successfully completed Tarot Courses 

                                            provided by Sage.... and are ready to serve you with their amazing

                                                      intuitive skills & knowledge attained throughout many lifetimes. . . .

"Each reading is as unique as each Soul..."

Sage ~ Owner (Sherri) - Available Now

Tarot, Angel, Oracle & Astrology 

     As a child, I often sensed energies both good and not so good, to the degree, that when I went to my friends' homes, I could feel immediately if it was a safe home or not. During childhood, I also had many vivid dreams and through time, learned to distinguish when they were premonitions and when I was being given answers to life's situations. 

At 9 years old, Mother Mary appeared in my room briefly 

(book Dictations By Spirit details that account... Coming Soon!)

 Author of Success After Insanity, Show Host of Secrets of the Universe & Creator of the Chakra Games. 

30 yrs experience Reading Tarot & Teaching Tarot

Originally from Merchantville, NJ... 

My past times include.... dwelling in nature, casting random Oracle cards, reading, studying astrology charts, and lounging with my 

Black Cat Magdalena Rose.

If interested in a reading with Sage, 

send a request via our Contact Page or call 919-664-2469.   


Love Donation: $120 (75 min.)

Payments Accepted: Zelle, Venmo, Cash app. only

"Each reading is as unique as each Soul..."

RavenWolf (Mitsy) - Available Now

Tarot Reader

I enjoy working on our Maryland "micro-farm" trying to create a more sustainable life with my husband and pets. 

We are hoping to start selling our organically grown produce at local farm markets and getting away from the grind of the 40 hour work week. 

I read Tarot because I truly love connecting with new friends and being constantly surprised at the accuracy of the cards!  

Originally from Maryland.... 

If interested in a reading with RavenWolf, 

send a request via our  Contact Page.  

Love Donation: $25

Night Appts.- 7-9pm Saturday Appts. 11-8pm



Mitsy was super! I definitely connected with her.

Carmen (1/24/2021)

Ravenwolf gave me a fantastic reading!!  She was spot on! 

She explained each card VERY well and made it easy to understand. 

I highly recommend her!! 


Ruth Soltman, Host of The Transformational Soul (2/7/2021)


Well that was amazing! Mitsy hit the nail on the head!  She is a very intuitive reader and I look forward to having more sessions with her!   

Kim Orphan/Reiki and Crystal Energy Healer 


"Each reading is as unique as each Soul..."

Kiki Navarro - Available Now  

Tarot Reader - Tarot Classes Available Quarterly (Sign up)

From a young age, I have had an intense connection with the Universe. My abilities allow me to pick up information and feelings from people, as well as vibrations and messages from spirits & souls. 

Using my gifts, I want to help provide you with the information whether it be answers regarding your past, present or future.  

It has been my experience that many have the knowledge they seek deep within them, and simply need the right spiritual guidance, to find the answers they have buried inside.

If interested in a reading with Kiki, 

send a request via our Contact Page. 


Love Donation: $65



I enjoyed my reading with Kiki. 

She was very intuitive and helped me to gain perspective on things that were happening in my life, in real time.

Vanissa  (4/22/21)

Loved Kiki. She is a gifted reader who adds great practicality. 

Loved the Archangel message at the end.! Thank you!

Shana (4/01/21)

"Each reading is as unique as each Soul..."


Tarot Reader 

My past times include.....

Originally from Maryland....

If interested in a reading with Bethaney, 

send a request via our Contact Page.   

Love Donation: $25



My reader was awesome, she's a natural. Thank you. I liked that she did both cards together. She was very clear and focused and had a great inner knowing that shown through. I will follow. Thank you again for sharing your amazing light and gift. It cheered me today.

Maxine Ann - Life Skills Instructor/Health & Wellness Coach (1/24/2021)

"Each reading is as unique as each Soul..."


Tarot Reader 

 past times include...  traveling throughout the world. 

Originally from Maryland.

If interested in a reading with Lisa, 

send a request via our Contact Page.

Love Donation: $25



Thank you for the reading! I'm feeling more grounded now!

Bethany Bombi - Returned Peace Corp Volunteer (RPCV)


I loved the reading so much! Lisa was a wonderful light, and so gifted. Spirit knows I needed it, and so did you apparently. I feel 

blessed from just being able to get the reading. 

Leah Polcari - Reiki Master Teacher/Licensed Massage Therapist (1/31/2021)

Thank you Lisa for my tarot reading today. I believe it takes a talented and intuitive reader to offer insights to situations in life that we are seeking answers to. Life's lessons hold deeper meaning that we often miss in a busy life. Lisa brought that deeper meaning to the reading with her knowledge and confidence. Lisa offered insights to a process I've been working on for months. This gave me piece of mind. Thank you, Lisa!  

Nicole Cincala - Certified Yoga Instructor/Reiki Level II, Astrologer (1/31/2021)

"Each reading is as unique as each Soul..."

Naomi (Nancy)

Tarot & Oracle Reader 

My past times include... enjoy crafting, teaching classes on knitting, silk dyeing. I enjoy traveling when I can! Originally from Massachusetts... 

If interested in a reading with Naomi, 

send a request via our Contact Page. 

Love Donation: $25


"Each reading is as unique as each Soul..."

Available Now

Nicole - Astrologer, Certified Yoga Instructor - 

Usui Reiki ll Practitioner  (w/Bachelor's Degree in Business)  

Discover, Transform and Grow 

with an Astrological Birth Chart Reading 

to navigate the changing times!

A lifetime learner and seeker, Nicole uses her spiritual tool kit to help others overcome challenges while seeking Truth. Studying with talented, teachers around the world has led her to astrology as a self-developmental tool.  Using these tools  as sage wisdom and helping people find themselves, so they can live a more joyful and fulfilling life is what makes her happy.

Core Identity and Current Timing - Includes a natal birth chart reading, current astrological transits and progressions. Discover your true personality, potential strengths & weaknesses that can guide you the transitions of your life!  1 hr. session $133 Donation

Relationship Synastry - Contains a multi-dimensional session between you & the relationship you are willing to explore. Discover how to navigate the potential strengths & weaknesses within any relationship! Consenting adults only. 1 hr. session $133 Donation

Astrocartography (Location and Relocation Astrology) - This includes information on the energies in your current location or information on vacation or relocation destinations. 1 hr. session $133 Donation

If interested in a reading with Nicole, 

send a request via our Contact Page. 

*Payments accepted thru Venmo/Paypal. 

Currently telephone & Zoom meetings available.

"Each reading is as unique as each Soul..."

Reader 333

Tarot & Oracle 

I always sensed energies from others early on as a child. My abilities grew stronger over time. I enjoy giving messages to help my clients.

Originally from Massachusetts...

My past times include... love comedy, eating natural foods, traveling, 

Love Donation $25

Any Questions  


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