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My Mother Mary Story by Sherri L. Zimmerman

THIS book details my account of when Mother Mary appeared in my room, as a image reflected in my old fashion mirror, when I was just 9 years old. The story is most surprising in the way of which was truly unique when  I had called upon her. 

The book shows how you too, can reach out to Our Mother Mary through persistent effort and belief.

Reprint of the book:

When I was 9 years old, I saw the face of Mother Mary. 

How and why she appeared, I can only surmise on my end.

But this is the story, just before it happened. 

“I was on the playground, standing alone, off to the side, when I noticed the group of popular girls standing around in a small circle, talking the way young giggling girls do. 

 It was not unusual, for me to be standing alone, since I was extremely shy, 

and often struggled with awkward sociability and being bullied.

Then, I overheard one of the girls loudly whisper,

“Stand in front of a mirror, close your eyes, turn around three times, and say, 

 Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary."

This was the whole gist of that conversation.

But the strangest thing about all of it was THIS.

I thought I heard my classmate say,

“Mother” Mary, "Mother” Mary, “Mother” Mary.


I thought my classmate said “Mother Mary,” not Bloody Mary.

Funny right? It's the absolute Truth.

Later that afternoon while I was at home, in my room, 

I recalled the story the girls on the playground were mesmerized about 

and I decided to put it into motion. I was completely serious about doing 

this exercise. My intent, sincere and honorable.

I remember the sun's rays coming through my window, lighting up part of my room.

I remember how I took my place, standing tall, as I stood in front 

of my large old-fashioned mirror that was attached to my large old-fashion bureau.

I remember thinking that I might see Mother Mary 

directly in the “center” of my mirror 

and also see HER “large” in the center of my mirror.

THIS idea of “seeing her large,” was due to the fact that as children, 

we tend to see things larger in our minds, then they actually are. 

 This is what I was told by a therapist, who understood child psychology.

As I turned around 3 times, with my eyes tightly closed, and chanted out loud 

"Mother Mary," "Mother Mary," "Mother Mary"  

I remember feeling bit nervous, but excited, about the possibility 

of this event unfolding. My breath, short and labored.

It was at the very moment, when I opened my eyes, that my eyes quickly shifted 

from the center of the mirror, down to the left-hand corner of my mirror.

And there She was. . .

Her head slightly tilted, Her veil covering part of Her face.

She was pure white and she was small. Not large, as my child mind had imagined.

It was there. . . She appeared. In All of Her Holiness.

I suddenly gasped for air, shocked by the encounter, and as I did, Mother Mary vanished instantly.

Maybe it was just the mystery of it all, how it seemed to capture the attention 

of the other girls so much, that I too, wanted to try it.

Maybe it's because at that young age, I had experienced so much devastation and great fear and needed something that would give me hope and strength to carry me for many more years.

Maybe it's because I carried great faith from many lifetimes before until this moment in time, 

and since I had chosen a truly difficult lifetime, this time around.

But maybe, just maybe. . . it was because ~ it was just meant to be.