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"Each Reading is as Unique as Each Soul..."


Astrologer, Certified Yoga Instructor, 

Usui Reiki ll Pracitioner 

(w/Bachelor's Degree in Business)

"Discover, Transform and Grow 

with an Astrological Birth Chart Reading to navigate the changing times!"

A lifetime learner and seeker, Nicole uses her spiritual tool kit to help others overcome challenges while seeking Truth. 

Studying with talented, teachers 

around the world has led her to astrology as a self-developmental tool. Using these tools as sage wisdom and helping people find themselves, so they can live a more joyful and fulfilling life is what makes her happy.

Core Identity and Current Timing - 

Includes a natal birth chart reading, 

current astrological transits and progressions. Discover your true personality, potential strengths & weaknesses that can guide you the transitions of your life! 

 1 hr. session $133 Donation

Relationship Synastry - 

Contains a multi-dimensional session between you & the relationship you are willing to explore. Discover how to navigate the potential strengths & weaknesses within any relationship! 

Consenting adults only. 

1 hr. session $133 Donation

Astrocartography (Location and Relocation Astrology) - This includes information on the energies in your current location or information on vacation or relocation destinations. 1 hr. session $133 Donation

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Currently telephone & Zoom meetings available.



Originally from Maryland....

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Love Donation: $25



"My reader was awesome, she's a natural. Thank you. I liked that she did both cards together. She was very clear and focused and had a great inner knowing that shown through. I will follow. Thank you again for sharing your amazing light and gift. It cheered me today."

Maxine Ann - Life Skills Instructor/Health & Wellness Coach (1/24/2021)

Kiki ~



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From a young age, I have had an intense connection with the Universe. My abilities allow me to pick up information and feelings from people, as well as vibrations and messages from spirits & souls.

Using my gifts, I want to help provide you with the information whether it be answers regarding your past, present or future.

It has been my experience that many have the knowledge they seek deep within them, and simply need the right spiritual guidance, to find the answers they have buried inside.

If interested in a reading with Kiki,

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Love Donation: $65



I enjoyed my reading with Kiki.

She was very intuitive and helped me to gain perspective on things that were happening in my life, in real time.

Vanissa (4/22/21)

Loved Kiki. She is a gifted reader who adds great practicality.

Loved the Archangel message at the end.! Thank you!

Shana (4/01/21)