Tarot is a form of understanding life's twists and turns.

Through Symbolic images it unfolds our lives ~ revealing your own Truth and the opportunity to change direction, is so desired.

Regain insight into the patterns that exist in your unconscious mind through the simple means of the Tarot and see just where your patterns are leading you in the future.

"Each reading is as unique

as each of our souls."



$50 ( 60 min.)

(sug. donation)

Regular Rate

$65 (75 min.)

(sug. donation)

SAGE aka Sherri L. Zimmerman

Pertaining to mental health issues, she has appeared on both radio and TV shows, spoken at churches, colleges continually sharing the message of our "unique connection" to one another.

Author of "Success After Insanity" AND also

"Mental Illness and the Psychic Connection"

Her books available through Authorhouse.com

Peace and as always,

Reach for the Light and Feel Blessed

*Having a party along with a psychic is one of the greatest ways to connect with your guests in ways of either Tarot readings or contacts with Loved Ones on the Other Side.

Lower group rates with groups of 5 or more.

*Readings available by phone or email.

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