Living in a D.I.D. World

(Dissociative IdentityDisorder)

Oprah Show Honoring Author and Survivor Truddi Chase

Oprah show honoring author and survivor, Truddi Chase, with a split second feature of Kelley Harrell, and many other wonderful women.

This one's for YOU. . .

For those who know little about Dissociative Identity Disorder....

Truddi Chase

first appeared on Oprah in 1990.

It was said, that Oprah did not receive much support from her staff

on her final decision to interview Truddi.

Thank God Oprah followed her intuition,

and she did interview Truddi.

And Truddi's story swept the nation.


*Every 2 minutes, somewhere in America, someone is sexually assaulted. And about 44% of rape victims are under the age of 18.

**Three out of every 20 victims are under the age of 12.

According to SARSSM ~

(SexualAssault ResponseServices of Southern Maine).


D.I.D. Workshops

This subject has finally become much more acknowledged and understood over the past 20 years. Truly understanding this condition helps families understand why their loved one's illness is chronic and appears to be never-ending.


The NEWEST & BEST term to date - C.D.I. 

Condition of Dissociative Identity (CDI) and why this change of wording is IMPORTANT... how it aides in healing of this condition, if one so chooses, or is possible.

...and then Rediscover if you or your loved one has this particular condition and how you will find a whole new respect for the family members and the one dealing with this condition.

ALSO re-learn, that still within this condition, one has a "true Self" that is NEVER FRAGMENTED ~ ALWAYS WHOLE AND ALWAYS AVAILABLE AT ALL TIMES. It has always been with us, and from time to time, we just lose touch with it but we can learn to

"re-allow"it again, through remembering.

ALSO, re-learn through this seminar of how psychic abilities are connected to this condition, as well as genetic influence, and how it all relates together.

I am finding that most people are misdiagnosed with "Bipolar"and are actually dealing with the Condition of Dissociative Identity (C.D.I.). And that "bipolar" is actually the by product of having the Condtion of Dissociative Indentity.

AND most importantly, learn of the gift it offers to humanity.

One-day seminars.

Donation: $150

*Groups limited to 10 people. *Reservations required.

Please, call to inform us if interested in this seminar.

Contact Sherri @ 941-883-8822