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In The Beginning.... 

 Sage Speaks  

The Land Was Blessed...

Animals roamed, and the air was fresh.

The Solar System ruled, and the Land Was Blessed.

Humankind arrived and mountains grew.

There was abundance and all was true.

It all seemed to be so good

peace was assured...

Alas! one thought, we needed a hood.

Soon tribes were formed, possessions secured.

Lands became divided, they wanted more.

Slowly a thing called war crept in,

leaving us, 

no longer kin.

The skies grew dark and the waters no longer blue.

The land was ravaged, hunger grew.

Country to country, battles raged,

lives torn apart... 

the heavens a blazed.

The days now shorter, nights are cold,

eyes of vigor, we lost our gold.

The land once full of promise and peace

where children danced and lovers would meet,

has left the heart of Mother's mirth,

and returned to us, hell on earth.

The land of the free, we once knew,

can only survive, if souls are true.

Harmony and peace

can reign once more,

if hearts and souls are true

where Spirit is born.

Think twice

before raising a hand,

hitting a loved one,

or littering the land.

Together we can heed this

crime and turmoil,

reverse the madness

and raise the soil.

and return to a Time...

a Time when...

Animals roamed

and the air was fresh.

The solar system ruled,

and The Land Was Blessed.

Poem written by Author Sherri L. Zimmerman

 in the same year as the poem of

"The Coming of a Special Child"

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