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Dictations From Spirit

Purpose, Passion, Presence

Living Your Soul's Dream

Between the pages of this special book, I reveal how Mother Mary appeared to me upon my calling her name. I was 9 years old.

This book also beautifully describes stories from those who I made contact with their loved ones on the Other Side and the messages given through me, to them.

It also gives a simple but powerful message that was truly inspired, to help us understand how simple, yet sacred, God's Love is for us All, and will never fail us.

To God be the Glory, Great Things She Has Done

Author Sherri L. Zimmerman


I came from a very small town by the name of Merchantville, NJ.

Mother Mary graced me with her presence for a moment in time.

It was 1970.

Though I was raised in a Baptist church, God was always a big part of my life. My mother was very active in all levels of the church and I truly enjoyed wandering through the church on many days and nights for years. See more detail of this in my book

Success After Insanity: Healing Hearts of the Mentally ill.

I also attended a Christian School for a few years, but ended up returning the public school. I attended a Christian camp for a few years as well.

Though I am not Catholic, I currently attend a Catholic church only due to the fact that I feel closest to Mother Mary when I attend.

BUT AS WE ALL KNOW, deep in our souls,

Mother Mary is where our heart IS

no matter where we lay our heads.

Over the course of 15 years, I had learned about The Course In Miracles but find myself drawn to several different belief systems. I respect all belief systems that always teach us to follow our own true spirit in accordance to the God of our making.


True greatness only comes through accepting who we are and and being brave enough to follow through in helping the evolution of humankind by doing our part;

Individually and Collectively ~ 

choose to Remember why you "chose" to come

this time around... for us All.

Through each encounter,

I find that truly its YOU

that I find amazing... why?

Because there's no one like YOU...

(throughout many lifetimes)


Here is more information about Sandra Musser (my Mother) and her amazing life's work in the area of reuniting families torn apart from the often corrupt and dysfunctional adoption system we still have today, attempts to change the laws in Congress so adoptees can have their original birth certificates and the many speeches she gave throughout her life.

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