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I've led a busy life, between being a Licensed barber for 25 years (owning a few shops) as well as being a Nurse's aide for 23 years here in the SWFL area.

Through those years, most of my time had been spent in and out of mental places for 30 years partly due to a newly discovered birth condition known as the MTHFR gene that (effects up to 40% of the population) and also a Condition of Dissociative Identity (C.D.I.).

But in 2016, I also discovered that I had been demonically attacked on more than one occasion in my life. This isn't unusual since attacks of these kind are directed at the most vulnerable. Though it may look like mental illness, it was actually an attack or possession by dark spirits. The two, can look very much alike. The show, THE DEAD FILES seen on the Travel Channel - has opened my eyes to the Truth behind many incidents I have experienced.

BUT my soul's plan THIS TIME around was to help others who suffer with mental challenges whether because of mental illness or attacks from the demonic world,

and that's what I have been doing....

I hope you enjoy the vital information here to help uplift you, if needed, ... my studies have taken me on the path of remembering about reincarnation and has proven to help balance issues in my life that had me confused for the longest time.

Karma, is only what you make of it. We continually move toward

our soul's intended purpose - to be free, of course!

Or as we say in Yogi terms, Samsara...

The liberation from Saṃsāra is called Moksha, Nirvana, Mukti or Kaivalya. ... "karmic cycle", "the wheel of life", and "cyclicality of all life, matter, existence".

Enjoy as you move towards your PEACE

And as always,

Follow the Path so Divine for you, Designed for you

We'll be in touch as time progresses.

Sherri L. Zimmerman - Sage

In 2006, I also owned and operated a bookstore known as Heaven On Earth: A Divine Place -- located in Berkeley Springs WV and gave many readings to locals as well as tourists. One of the tourist that visited was one of Oprah's "Walking for Water" campaign supervisors. Just one of many interesting people I have crossed paths with!


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