Herstory of The Stone Pose:

The Stone Pose

originated from a deep loss in Sherri's life.

"Success After Insanity"

For many years, as I struggled from time to time with life's many complications, I found myself fallen into the trap of believing the "false" world of reality...

was my actual "true" reality.

At those times, my world had become

truly dark & grey.

Increasingly my perception would become enhanced

& quite mixed with great clarity & then insanity of both the physical & spiritual world


eventually leading me into a world of complete chaos.

Nevertheless, there was always a rainbow in the far far distance ~ though often appearing obscure. BUT...

During those

"Dark Night of the Soul"


... I found myself sitting in the position of

The Stone Pose.

Often it would be on the cool, cool sands at the Englewood beach in the early morn or on my livingroom floor alone, filled with deep silence or outdoors in the center of my beautifully wooded 5-acres in the WV mountains ~ simply resting my mind, body & soul, recuperating once again...

and soooo longing for the "Return to Home" ~

the place of complete peace...

...peace from the chaos that this world often portrays...

only to have it brought back to my awareness

The Rememberance

once again,

that "true peace" only lies within.

I found it interesting that when this "pose"became apart of my awareness, I began noticing THIS pose more & more around me; in photographs in newspapers or on the news, in sports or in travel, in refugee camps or in children of all ages, and one "seemingly" common thread ~

they all appeared overburdened.

So for ALL those just needing a"moment" ~

to recueperate, rejuvenate, regroup or simply to

find a resting place to shut down & go within for

"A Return to Home" ~

Help recover your soul.

Simple & Sacred. . .

THIS is, what I believe, The Stone Pose does... ultimately.

May the harsh stones in your life be

washed away, refreshed & renewed,

allowing for only new stones to be discovered

~ offering a healing...

or simply a

"Return to Home"

P.S. Check out the healing power of

"Stone Massages" as well as the POWER of POETRY...

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