Success After Insanity:

Healing Hearts of the Mentally Ill

A poignant true story that covers issues such as isolation, poverty, suicide, domestic violence, sexual dysfunction, alcoholism mental illness.

the major role religion plays in mental illness.

The author believes the root of all mental illnesses rarely stems from genetics but by the simple disconnection of the "true self"

to the universal flow.


After experiencing a horrific event that involved the of all my senses, I was once again able to regain my "self"

by the use of daily prayer, learning to allow

another, and letting of control issues.

Thus by the grace of God,

I achieved...

"Success After Insanity"

Mental Illness and the

Psychic Connection

This book simply contains 3 parts:

Part 1:

My growing concept of mental illness as the mere

temporary disconnection to Spirit & the misunderstanding or the "ignoring of" the intrinsic value of our intuition; such as:

"seeing" (clairvoyance)hearing" (clairaudient),

"smelling" (clairsentience), "gut feeling" (intuition),

"touch feeling" (psychometry) & "knowing" (intuition)

the other means of which

the physical body alone, cannot derive.

Part 2:

Others' amazing stories of seeming coincidences ~

BUT truly, once again, simply "psychic connections."

Part 3:

Where we may be heading in all of THIS ~ within sometimes, the mass confusion & at other times, pure & simple living pertaining to 'who we are & why we're here' ~

An age ole question to some, and yet to others,

simply "written the subway walls

In the Sound of Silence. . .

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